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MRI accident cover - Dancers and physical artists

Annual cover for £12.88 a year

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This policy has been devised to be an extra benefit for dancers and physical artists that run more risk of injury than other standard members*.

The cover is an extension to standard members personal accident cover and the same terms and conditions apply. Some injuries can only be fully assessed using costly scanning equipment not readily available on the NHS.

Cover applies whilst performing as an artist or where you are rehearsing, practising, auditioning or training in connection with a contract of employment.

To assist with a swift recovery this insurance policy makes provision for cover of up to £1,000 in respect of the cost of either an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging scan) or RIB (radio isotope bone scan) if appropriate and associated expenses following a work-related accident.

*Standard member - A member of Equity who is in benefit in accordance with the rules of Equity who is not a student member, who is a permanent resident of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands or any overseas artist visiting the United Kingdom to whom Equity has granted membership of Equity.

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